Monday, January 23, 2006

Our Share in Electronic Currencey

What is e-gold?

e-gold is the first electronic currency that unleashes the potential of worldwide ecommerce by enabling secure payments over the Internet. e-gold is the largest, fastest growing, privately issued currency in the world.
G&SR, Inc. administers the exchange system between various national currencies and the e-gold economy. e-gold Ltd. serves as bailee for an inventory of bullion bars held in allocated storage by third party custodians. A quantity of e-gold constitutes title to a precise weight (fine) of the physical gold.
Top Ten Reasons to Prefer e-gold

1.Low CostCreating an e-gold account costs nothing. Clicking a payment costs nothing. The maximum fee for receiving any e-gold payment is 0.05 grams, about fifty cents (in 2002 US dollars or about 70 cents in 2004) worth of e-metal®.

2.Safe e-gold is 100% backed by physical gold.
3. Secure No one can draw upon another person's account. With e-gold when you get paid, you stay paid. If you keep your passphrase secure, then your e-metal is secure.

4.Fast An e-gold payment settles in seconds. You have spendable money right away.

5.FlexibleYour e-gold account is instantly accessible anywhere you can reach the Internet.

6. Convenient

7. G&SR can remit the proceeds of an OutExchange™ by check (cheque) or wire to anyone you choose, in a variety of national currencies. (USD, JPY, GBP, FFR, EUR, DEM, CHF, CAD, AUD.) You can review detailed transaction records securely.

8.Transparent You can audit total physical metal reserves in real time with Examiner™, an automated report that displays live data from the e-gold system.

9.Portable A transfer of physical gold is risky, expensive, and slow. With an e-gold transaction your metal stays safe ... only its ownership changes.

10.Automated ConversionYou can specify e-gold payments using familiar national currency units or by weight.

11.Micropaymentse-gold is highly divisible, enabling very small payments if desired.

Better Money

e-gold is the world's first electronic currency designed for borderless eCommerce, enabling the worldwide use of gold as money. It merges the digital transaction efficiencies of an electronic payment system with a universally accepted basis of value.

Advantages of e-gold

Low transaction fees - The maximum payment processing fee is 0.05 grams. For a $1000 value payment, this is less than one twentieth as much as credit cards.
Immediate settlement - e-gold payments clear instantaneously, no matter how large or small the payment, no matter how far apart the spender and recipient.
Non-repudiation - No chargebacks. Get paid, stay paid.
Direct access with bi-directionality - Anyone can pay or be paid.
Automation support - The e-gold Shopping Cart Interface is easily implemented and provides immediate authenticated notification of completed payment.
Zero financial risk - e-gold is the world's first remote payment system backed 100% by physical gold in allocated storage.

e-gold is succeeding where other electronic payment initiatives are failing because it is designed specifically for worldwide eCommerce. All others merely add additional layers of liability to legacy systems. The promise of the Internet - elimination of barriers to the free and instant flow of information and value - is being fulfilled.


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